Smart RGBW Lights

  • Multi colour LED light strip that glows in a any colour.
  • Fit it wherever you wish to; walls, ceilings, cupboards.
  • Choose from wide range of RGBW (Red, green, blue, white) shades.
  • With Smart Life App you can set the light strip to glow in any chosen color for any occasion.
  • Combine light strips with smart switches in LSmart Life App to create a unique vibe for special moments.
  • Control through voice/app.

Flexible like you want it

Bend it, twist it, flex it. Fit Colours strip wherever you wish to. Walls, ceilings, cupboards. You name it.

Behind the TV

Under False Ceilings

Under Sofas

Under Cabinets / Cupboards

Behind the walls

Lighting Ambience RGBW LED Lights

Unlimited possibilities with Moods

Next time you want to invite friends to your home, impress them with a wild movie night. with Smart Life App, you can set the light strip to glow in a chosen colour for any occasion.

Choose from 16 Million Shades

Play with colors as much as you like. Colors light strip lets you choose from any of the 16 million colors in the RGBW spectrum.

Lighting Ambience RGBW LED Lights

Create your own rainbow with Patterns

Relax your nerves with a calm spa effect when you arrive home. The Patterns feature on Smart Life App lets you create glow combinations with different colors.

Technical Specifications

wifi (1)





RGB, RGBW, RGBWW ( Warm Light )

flash (1)
Power Input

100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz



1100 lumens per meter


WaterProof to IP65

Each Strip is waterproofed to an IP65 leve

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